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#politics EFnet .. Political Chat and News on the internet
Looking for realtime political chat and debate? Or you can just observe.  #politics EFnet is the oldest and most popular channel with Chat clients to help you join in.  We are busy 24/7 with people from all over the world.   We welcome all reasonable political persuasions to join us in the Channel and at the Website.  This first-rate channel has been managed by CometBaby for over 20-years on EFnet
Note: Haters, conspiracy theorists and spammers will be banned.
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Welcome to IRC   .. political discussion on the internet ...  
LOGGING THE CHAT IN #POLITICS .. We expressly forbid any logging of chat or conversations in #politics that is to be published on the Internet, magazines, newspapers, studies, reports or other outlets, without the specific permission of CometBaby.

 Twobar Memorial

Saturday, March 12 at 9pm ET;  8pm CT;  7pm MT;  6pm PT.  If you see old friends please let them know about this. 

Panini has worked very hard to put together our favorite Twobar quotes, and you can read them here

If you come to the channel to troll or aggravate, expect a fast ban or devoice.  We won't have time to debate bans or devoicing .. and will probably be too busy to answer messages.
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To come into the channel, click on one of the three Chat links.
You may type in a "Nickname" of your choice.
Channel name ..  type in #politics

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#politics has political debate from all points-of-view. We have real-time discussions with guests from all over the world and the channel is busy 24/7. Do not feel that you need to chat .. many people prefer to "lurk" a few times before they join in.

What's New ?
We have added an IRC & Technical information section to help make your IRC experience more enjoyable. 

Chatter's are adding Wireless to their homes, and some are coming to the channel on Bouncers now.  These wonderful new Firewalls and Processes bring a whole new set of complications into our lives.  I know, I've been there, and how I wish I had found this information when I needed it.  The links to our new IRC & Tech Info section can be found on the Menu.

Want to learn Chat "lingo"?  Check out our IRC Primer.
Can't DCC?  Check our "Troubleshooting" ideas.
Linksys giving you problems?  When you got that new Linksys Wireless router, did mIRC stop sending Identd to the Servers?  Did you lose the ability to DCC?  If so, check out our Linksys Setup page.
Is psyBNC (Bouncer) frustrating you?  There isn't a whole lot of documentation out there yet.  You may be able to find the answers you have been looking for at our psyBNC page.    






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